Black By Nature

Meet your Facilitator

Diamonique Clark, Black by Nature Founder

Diamon Clark is a Baltimore native, holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science, is a certified Maryland Master Naturalist, and considers herself an “adventure naturalist”. Her love for adventure stems from a passion for science which has taken her around the world. She has lived in Puerto Rico’s tropical rainforest, dogsled through Canada, rescued and released sea turtles off the coast of Florida, learned animal husbandry as an aquarist in Baltimore, backpacked through the Wilderness of Idaho, and lived in a van while road tripping across the southwest to visit National Parks. She has worked as an independent researcher, environmental educator, freelance writer, and facilitator. Most importantly, she is an advocate for diversity in outdoor recreation and environmental leadership.

Black by Nature’s mission is to elevate Black joy and nature awareness through outdoor adventure. A mission founded in direct response to the lack of diversity Diamon has seen throughout her career and the ongoing trauma Black communities face in America. She believes that nature is a boundless classroom, a well of wonder, and a salve for souls that is inherently for everyone. While acknowledging the complicated history the Black community has in nature, she hopes to shift that narrative and promote nature as a place for collective healing.

Keep up with Diamon on social media! IG @blackbynaturejoy